The door’s ten feet away

Posted on May 7, 2015

Kia Ora e Te Whanau

Ben here, I play guitar and sing in Mice on Stilts. Welcome to our website. We have had this URL for some time now. Possibly almost three years so I thought it was about time we started using it. Joseph has created the site and has been making changes here and there for the last 2 years, now that he is gone I’ve been trying to learn about building websites (scary stuff).

If you have been following us on facebook then you will know that we are currently working on a new album entitled ‘Hope for a Mourning’. Its a development on top of the EP An Ocean Held Me in the sense that it carries SOME of the same themes with a bunch of new ones in there too. Although, it is much bleaker and the songs are even longer.

We have been working on this for almost a year now.  I remember when we went out to Neptune Bar out in Huia for the weekend as an 8 piece with a PA. We spent the whole time jamming and fleshing out ideas getting reading to begin drum tracking. That was a very exciting time, but if I’m being honest I’m more interested in what’s happening now. We have had some pretty massive opportunities come our way and we’re less than a month off receiving the final master of the album. This is what we have been building towards.

In addition to the album, we’re releasing a book with the same name. We put out a brief and send out the lyrics to around 30 artists/poets/photographers/writers. Someone has even submitted a card game. Im working with two excellent publishers to make this all happen and they are both very involved. Initially the purpose of the book was to offer a physical option for the album that isn’t a CD (which has become a bit redundant), but now I feel like its become something more than that.

We also have a new piano player, Guy Harrison. Guy originally did two shows with us as a trumpet player earlier in the year, but has since moved to the keys with Brendan’s departure. Welcome Guy!

Finally, we are playing at the Wine Cellar 11th Anniversary on the 6th of June. Its a really privileged to be invited to that one so I’m quietly stoked.

That’s really it for now. Ill try to make an effort to update this site a lot more regularly.

If your interested, there should be a sign up to our mailing list below, as well as facebook and all that jazz (not jazz though). Thanks for reading.

Arohanui x

Hope for a Mourning