What a wonderful surrender

Posted on Mar 28, 2016

Kia ora e te whanau

If you’re reading this as its recently published then your joining us in this funny time between the first single being released and the album coming out.

Khandallah, is that first single. Also, I’m kind of just writing as I go with no real plan of what I’m saying. Apologies if this is a mess.

A few years ago I worked at a popular internet provider in the Auckland CBD. While working there my day to day job would be bullshitting people into buying internet (part of the reason I left). People from all across the country. I spoke with a woman who lived in Khandallah.

Khandallah in 1924

It’s a small suburb just outside of central Wellington. From what I can tell there is nothing particularly unusual about it. Its named after Khandela, which is in India.

The most important part about this word for me is it means ‘The resting place of God’, among a few other interpretations. In theory, that should be a rather peaceful place. The last time we played in Wellington, Brendan and I stopped in at Khandallah for about 20 minutes. Walked about the local shops and took some silly photos.

The song itself is about a place where two people (or more) can exist without expectation or anxiety. Two themes that seems to be regulars in my life.

Here’s the album version of Khandallah. The single version is attached in the below link. Though, if I’m being honest I’m┬áprouder of this version.

Happy premiered the song a few weeks ago. If you’re keen on listening to it the link is here.


Benjamin x

Hope for a Mourning